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 Blood Glucose Support 
Administration of McB-E60 to Twenty Subjects with Blood Glucose Disregulation

Blood glucose level plays an utterly important role in our levels of energy and in general of all body functions. A continuous excess of glucose in our blood if often an indicator of weight or even blood glucose regulation issues.

This condition usually triggered by our alimentary habits can have severe impact in our health. Serious complications in a wide range of problems from dental to other health issues.

Results from the 1999-2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estimated 64 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese. As shown in figure 1, this means that in only 5 years the total number of cases of overweight and obesity is approximately 8 percent higher than the last similar survey conducted also be NHANES for 1988-94.

These are some of the complications that could derive from prolonged high glucose levels in your blood:

Diabetes (which kills about 200,000 Americans a year), heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness (diabetes, for example, is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults 20 to 74 years old and Diabetic retinopathy causes from 12,000 to 24,000 new cases of blindness each year). Diabetes is the precursor of kidney and nervous disease (about 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage), which often includes impaired sensation or pain in the feet or hands, slowed digestion of food in the stomach, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other nerve problems. Diabetes also causes dental disease, and complications of pregnancy.

Closing note: As of today, there is an undeniable need for natural herb products that could complement current rehabilitation therapy for all the mentioned conditions. If this product had proven efficacy, it'd be definitively desired by those who suffer from this disease.

The resources of Alternative Medicine are infinite; herbs and other plant products, oils and mineral microelements show outstanding results and rarely produce side effects. Currently most of these raw materials and products are available as nutritional supplements, and therefore do not require a prescription and that is the case of McB-E60.

McB-E60 is an incredibly promising alternative nutraceutical developed by Nutritional Health Institute Laboratories., for addressing abnormal glucose levels in the blood as an OTC (over the counter) preparation, which requires no prescription. We believe that McB-E60 is the long awaited solution for weight-loss management and several other health conditions related to high blood sugar levels.

McB-E60 is a  tetra-cross pollinated herb developed by N.H.I.L. and it regulates the blood glucose levels. Initial studies completed with a parent herb to McB-E60 report that after 3 months of its continuous use, blood glucose levels tend to normalize even when one stopped taking the herb. This suggests that this herb could restore Beta cells' ability to secrete insulin.

In our first trial 10 patients took 250 mg, three times a day of a dry powder of a McB-E60 precursor. The following table shows the glucose levels after the first 10 days when it appeared to stabilize.


In a second trial 8 patients took 10cc, three times a day of the McB-E60 extract. The following table shows the glucose levels after 60 days when it appeared to stabilize.


We believe that McB-E60 is also the long awaited solution for weight loss.  This herb has proven so far to be a very effective supplement that will aid weight loss. Since it regulates the blood sugar levels and it seems to assist the beta-receptors in the pancreas, its users will not depend on it for the rest of their life. An overweighted person could take McB-E60 for a period of time, until he loses enough weight, and then stop taking it without worrying about regaining his weight. Thus, McB-E60  will break the cycle of weight loss - weight gain that is experienced by the vast majority of overweight people.

Presently this herb has been grown in South America and hydroponic settings in the USA.  N.H.I.L. plans to expand the growing and processing of McB-E60 in the United States.  Experiments on the cultivation and growing of this new herb have been underway under geothermal greenhouse conditions.  The success of this experiment has lead us to seek funding for the complete development of a comprehensive growing, processing and manufacturing of McB-E60.

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